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Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart or burn your house, you can never tell 
                                                                                -Joan Crawford

Many people are together because of it, many more are alone, and much more are scared of it. People have described it as the center of world and still, it tops the reasons for people’s depression. Yes! You are right!! Its love and we are going to talk about it.

We, Human have remarkable the ability to misapprehend the concept of love. Love is like those extinct birds that everyone seems to be talking about but not one has encountered. So, what’s Love? However before you want to rise, you must ask “Why is love?”

Yes! Why is love? Implausibly vexing and still amusing question. You would possibly say love exists as a result of attraction between individuals, or each finds happiness in being love. You are virtually right however, let’s dive deeper. 

As Aristophanes stated-
Love is a remedy for an ancient wound inflicted on us by the gods,
Who divided us in two as a punishment for our
Arrogance. Since those primordial times, each of us is only
Half of himself or herself, searching relentlessly for Completion.

Here Aristophanes has something interesting to say that we have a tendency to look for one thing that completes us. People are searching for that “something” whole their life as they travel through the materialistic world, emotion world, and even in metaphysical world. For an instance, assume that you don’t have a love some girlfriend in your life and you are also in a financial crisis. So, what is the thing you crave the most? Well of course! Money, unless you’re planning seize your future girlfriend’s wealth. You are in search of money because in that moment that creates the impression of completeness. In any emotional crisis, you seek for an emotional contact to share your feelings, as sharing your feeling causes you feel more stable in the ripples of uncertainty. That’s what you crave most in that instant. People crave for various things in different situation that provides them with the feeling of singularity.


Although, there is one thing special in love; you are drawn to someone, not a thing. You might say “Bud! Isn’t that obvious!” but think deeper, what is it that draws you? For some, it can be the engaging face, or body or manner of talking or something you made up in your brain attic about them. For me, it had been her mesmerizing eyes. There will be always a quality, you like about your counterpart regardless of your awareness. The question 
“WHY IS LOVE?” will be answered now.

Love is because, you perceive a quality in a person that attracts you and it         presents the sensation of completeness in you. You wish for the perpetual possession of the nice. Like Mr. Plato said “The motive force in love is a yearning for goodness, not just completion”.  Indeed, goodness itself is the solely object of affection. When we love someone, we are really in quest of possessing the goodness, not  temporarily of course, but permanently.

Then, What the hell is LOVE?

Bear with me a little. To makes things a little more interesting, picture this. You’re a multi millionaire, and the grand owner of water tank installed on the hill’s top holding the tank’s tap for no particular reason. May be because there is a crisis of water and since you are such a humanitarian, you are providing water to the travelers. However, there is a catch, always a catch. There are countless types of cup. Some are dirty, others are dirtier, and few are clean. Before you offer the water to the travelers, you have to taste a little by yourself! Which one will you choose? Isn’t it obvious the one with vodka in it!!  Jokes apart! You will choose the clean cup. 

Now, think about water as your energy and cups as an expression of the energy such as like anger, love, lust etc. When you fill your energy in cup called love for others, you also taste energy in a harmonious way(clean cup) but when you pour your energy in anger cup you taste your energy in not so harmonious way (dirty cup) which provides you feeling of sourness unlike the love cup.

So, from this context Love is a pleasant and harmonious expression of you energy in the pursuit of virtues in others.

Isn’t that’s LOVE!

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As the name suggest, I must be Paurush Chaudhery, the writer of above article. While in Love, I too was facing problems and dilemma about the mechanics of LOVE. Only thing came out of the hole in my face(bigger one) was "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED". So, here I am in search of meaning of LOVE and sharing my findings with you. Hope you like it. And one more thing, I am also the one, making this noise in your head "BLAAAH prrr pooom BOOM"


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