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It is funny, how, Love can destroy our pity little world and as soon as, we are able to define the outer peripheral of love, the curiosity to dive deeper becomes prevailing & that’s what we are going to do, today. We as a community is struggling with a problem, called “How to Love?” Teen and brand new adults are highly likely to fall in pit of misery although incapable to raise the question, thanks to our society. This continuous emotional contingency hinders their capacity to blossom and feel, leaving them psychologically crippled. Their expedition in hunt of the answer is choked with despair because of our well known psychiatrist, Love gurus, and mystics. How do I know that, because last thing I remember is paying them fairly big chunk of my money with no satisfying answer what so ever.

Since the past, several fanciful things are said and attached to love, but I would like to bring it all the way down to the mechanics of love. All Humans are very well capable of love, only when they are willing to. But due our idea of love, we have outsourced it to heaven. People began to believe that solely place where love can exist is heavens. But it really is a human emotion, but then why so many people tend to misunderstand simple fact like that? Reason is simple. It’s called PRACTICE 
Even practice in wrong direction is not fruitful.

Yes, Practice! We, humans are the creatures of practice. We can practice anything till, it is manifested in realm of reality and in this case we practice so hard to create a hell around us that we managed to be in total resonance with our misconception and judgements. Judgements and Misconception like “I can’t love” “Love is a heavenly thing” “I am not here to love” etc. These all kind of bizarre judgements about us and others is being manifested by us. Till a kid turns into an adult, he has college a big heap of judgements, preconceptions and misconceptions that he is having a real hard time differentiating feeling from cutter of prejudices.

As we have coated about “What is Love?” in earlier blog that love is human energy in an exceedingly pleasant form. If your outlook is pleasant, everything around you will seem to be pleasant. For an instance, you are driving on high traffic day and you already have some assumptions in your baggie, such as women can’t drive. You have it for no reason, even if every women driver is driving fine just as you, you can’t stand them. You mumble to yourself all kind of rubbish. This all is because of your outlook about women driver. For a change, you think of every driver with forgiving attitude, you will tend to ignore, silly mistakes of others because it wouldn’t matter in you. Life around you is pleasant. If you just won 10 million dollar in a lottery, you wouldn’t care even if someone drives a tank over your Toyota. Isn’t it? Because you know you are going to buy something whole lot better, so it does not matter. 

Pleasantness of heart can do wonders.
Bang! Now you know the first step, change your outlook about the world. Look for something nice in everyone.
Now when we talk about love, there is one rule that “there is no rule”. No rules or no conditions for your counterpart. You accept them as they are or leave them once and for all. You allow them to be whatever they are and still love them. This idea seems to be absurd. Isn’t it? But when you look little carefully to your life, it happens every single day. For example, let’s say you have a dog and you both are fond of each other. You feed him and he loves you. It doesn’t matter to him, if you came home after 10 minutes or after 24 hours. He will shower you with love, no matter what. Right! But one day, you come all frustrated because lost your job, you can’t show same appreciation as him, he doesn’t take it personally. He lets you to be what you are at the moment. He goes away and continues his life. Next day you are back and to our amazement, he can’t stand to love you because he doesn’t care what you did previous day. 

 That is the thing to learn and apply in love. If your partner is angry or sad, demonstrate your love, but never sacrifice your pleasantness just for the sake for company. Let the counterpart be angry but never be a partner in their anger because they can’t appreciate your love right now. You don’t take it personally. It is their part struggle and they will surface out of. When you behave this way, you have become your own master of pleasantness (just like the dog) and your counterpart will evolve and thieve out of struggle because he/she will know that no matter how bad things go, you will be there waiting for them, blissfully. 

 And that’s how you should love but then again can you really love her/him. Noticeably, No you can’t! You are showering him/her with love irrespective for her/his behavior.. You didn’t change them; you just have changed your outlook. You have become pleasant and hence, you have become love. 

 “You can never love something or someone, you can only become love”

You can do it.

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As the name suggest, I must be Paurush Chaudhery, the writer of above article. While in Love, I too was facing problems and dilemma about the mechanics of LOVE. Only thing came out of the hole in my face(bigger one) was "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED". So, here I am in search of meaning of LOVE and sharing my findings with you. Hope you like it. And one more thing, I am also the one, making this noise in your head "BLAAAH prrr pooom BOOM"


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