About The Author / A.T.A

Once, I was traveling in locomotive and there was wise intelligent man sitting reading a book named human psychology. I can tell by his heavy looks, dead eyes and his long gentleman beard that he is one hell of  wise man. I went straight to him with curiosity and asked " What does it meant by SUGAR TITS?"

And THAT! has nothing to do with the blog. 

I am a GUY! No wait, I am Mechanical Guy. Yes! I almost have a Mechanical Engineering Degree in my hand with no idea whatsoever, what to do with it. Well this Blog isn't about "How to build this or that", you might have guessed it by now. I am writing this blog as my journey of love. I will write 11_5 Articles in this blog. Don't ask, Why I chose 115 number? Just bear with me with a beer. 

 Why am i writing this blog? 

Because i am too in love, there i said it. I am too facing problems and dilemma about this "LOVE". I myself is in search of meaning of love and life.While i do my search, i want you all to find my finding and use them in your life. 

Concerned note to readers:

A whole lot of use of word "LOVE" is gonna happen in this blog.

Private note to my High School English teacher: